Screenshot for run-mode protected app?

I have quite a few apps in my dashboard. Most have some kind of screenshot that helps distinguish them in the crowd. However, the one I work on most and is the candidate for becoming marketable doesn’t have one because it is run-mode protected.


Is there a way to give it a screenshot?

When you purchase one of Bubble’s paid plans, there is an option in Settings > General called “Run-Mode Protection”. In order to see a screenshot of your app, you must uncheck that option. :smile: Hope this helps!

Thanks, Nicholas.

I don’t see the “Run-Mode Protected” option, Here’s what I see that might correspond:

Any other ideas about this?

Hi @laurence

I think the screenshot being hidden is because your app is set to a protected access state ‘limit access to this app with…’ = true. Because of this I think it blocks the crawl to show the screenshot capture of the homepage.

I think this is how it works maybe someone can confirm (even though you’ve set just to dev mode only).


Bingo. I have several apps in development with this setting and they all show this as the screenshot.


This brings up a neat idea of having the ability to upload a custom screenshot for each app though. That would be quite handy.


I agree. If its a lot of trouble for Bubble to render the screenshot from the /version-live then at least having the option to upload a placeholder image would be nice. Could easily be a screenshot in the current state or the logo.

Granted this wouldn’t be dynamically updating e.g. website redesign would require manual change, but its far nicer than this blank message.


That must be the case. The terminology Bubble uses isn’t consistent, but that must be it.

I agree that it would be great to upload your own screenshots for apps. A static image that I recognize would be better than a blank or even something that Bubble chose that may not be representative of the app.

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