"scroll to" does not work within fixed height nested groups?

I’ve seen a lot of posts about scrolling inside of nested repeating groups, but has anyone figured out a way to use the “scroll to” workflow action inside of a nested group that has scrolling enabled in the new responsive engine? That workflow action seems to only work at the page-level…not within fixed heigh groups that have scrolling enabled.

Basically, I have a full screen group on my SPA and within that group is another group that displays a blog post (similar to the way Microsoft Word shows you a preview of the text on a virtual piece of paper).

The issue that I’m having is that I need one of my buttons to trigger a ‘scroll to the top’ action for the user, but the ‘scroll to’ workflow action in Bubble doesn’t seem to work even when I use a 1x1 empty pixel at the top of the scrollable group for reference. The scrolling needs to be done inside a fixed height group that has scrolling enabled.

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