"Scroll to element" not working

Is anyone else experiencing a malfunction in Scroll to Element?

I tried both native Scroll to Element action as well as ZenScroll plugin action to try to scroll some pages to the top (or some other groups), but in both cases it didn´t work at all. No errors were shown as well.

Any light upon this?

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If you make changes in the some element states before the scroll, try adding a pause before the action.

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That´s not the case. I have a ton of use cases here: return to top when a group is visible, click in a button and go to a hidden element, click in a button and go to a visible element, etc. None of them works. These use cases are in more than one page, including in one page which is used only for trial and error.

This is really bugging me. I just want a page to scroll to the top whenever one group is visible.


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