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I’ve been having a real hard time to make my app scroll to top.
I have a lot of groups (pages) that show and hide according to some conditions. All of them start hidden. At no part of my app, not even in backend pages (separated area) I can make the scrollTo work. Neither from plugins, bubble actions or javascript.

What could be hapenning?

Did you try to select the Scroll to action, select the page and 0 in offset?


Yes, I’ve tried every scroll to plugin and bubble action, as well as javascript document.scrollTo, in all configurations of groups, internal or external, etc. I’ve tried it in several pages, as well. In none of them, it works. This is affecting hard the UX.

Can you share some screenshot? or editor app link in view public mode

Of course. This is a view-only of my editor, already in a test page (where we run the tests about what and how some things work. Deep down there is the scroll to top button. There are, of course, several actions of scroll in the other pages in other areas, but working in this, will work in the others.

I try a lot of test to find the issue but was not able to replicate. Can you try to:
Clone page
Rename with a single word the page and test.
If nothing work, remove one element on the page and test until this work. You may find a conflict that will explain why it’s not working. Don’t hesitate to open a support ticket. Sound like a bug. But more information you will be able to provide, better it will be

@contato Did you try deleting that javascript after the scroll to top action? Perhaps it’s conflicting like @Jici said.

Your workflow is basically saying “Scroll to Top, Scroll to Top”.

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Hey Lantz, yes, I’ve tried it solo, as well as with 5 other ways to make it work. This is why I don’t know what could it be.

@Jici As I have this same problem in a lot of other pages in the same project, this doesn’t seem to be the issue. My only other option would be evaluate a possible conflict with some plugin. Will try that and be back to you quickly.

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@Jici, I tried deleting all plugins, without effect. Deleted, then, all the scripts in header, then it worked. There was a plugin for mapping apple usage that were blocking it’s correct function.

Thank you all for the help and attention.


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