"Scroll to item" in nested Repeating Group

I have an RG nested within another RG. I’d like to be able to scroll to an item within the nested RG, however that is not displayed as an option in the Element dropdown. Is this a bug?

For context: I have a list of sections, with to-dos listed under each section. I’m creating a notification system which links to a specific to-do. If that’s to-do’s unique-id is in the URL, it should scroll to that to-do. But alas, the to-do RG is nested in the section RG, and I can’t select it.

Any ideas?

Maybe find a way to utilize current cell’s index for the scroll to…could possibly be set up to “scroll to entry = cell index”

What I do sometimes is set up a sort data field to make use of matching items in a list to a specific cell index which helps to do more complex things with the data inside of the R.G. especially when I have an R.G. that shows on a single cell at a time and I can use workflow event of scroll to page number

Out of curiosity, why are you needing to use the data from the URL? Seems like it might be complicating things.

From what you describe it may be easier and a better UX to have the notification bring the person to a separate page dedicated to the “to-do” or displays a group that shows only the information for that “to-do”…I personally don’t understand the reasoning it is in a nested R.G.

What I could imagine is you have an R.G. that functions for calendar purposes and each cell represents a day and the nested R.G. is that days to-do list. If a user is brought to the page with a R.G. as a calendar, wouldn’t it be less complicated if you didn’t use the URL to send data about which to-do to show?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Suffice it to say that I’d like to pass a thing (or reference to a thing) to a page in such a way that I am then able to scroll to the item that it refers to within a nested RG.

In my case, the nested RG is called RG Open To-dos. As you can see, the “Scroll to entry” action’s Element dropdown does not contain this element.


Do you know why? Is it a known reality that nested RGs are not selectable for the Scroll to entry action?



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