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Scroll to pick/ pick on scroll

Hello everyone, I’m trying to implement this scroll to pick/pick on scroll feature, which is very similar to the date/time picker in iOS.
My thought is to use a repeating group, and it has only one cell. I want a user to choose an option by scrolling the repeating group without needing to click the option, and the chosen option should be automatically pinned, captured or fixed to that cell even if that option is a little outside the cell, so that the user can know what option is chosen.
However, I have no idea how to make the desired option pinned, captured or fixed to the cell.
Anyone here happen to know a way to implement it? That would be a great help!!

Hey @a14743535

Thanks for the post and cool idea! Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to accomplish this natively in Bubble since it would require custom behavior with how a repeating group and input operate together. It’s certainly possible a plugin could enable this sort of functionality and as a result, I might recommend posting over in Plugin Builders to see if anyone has or could build something along these lines.

Best of luck with tracking down a solution! Definitely give an update on what you come up with. And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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