'Hard' Horizontal Swipe for Repeating Groups

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This is to bump up the post by @cheskiefisch - looking for a way to make a Horizontal Repeating group scroll one full item at a time, so it snaps to the next item. This will make the design and user experience slicker as they can scroll a full card, at least in my case. Perhaps if horizontal scrolling position > 50%, then go to next cell?

I’ve attached a basic idea of what I want to avoid - I don’t want the repeating group to be able to show a portion of a card - it must snap to the next or previous full card.2018_10_10_22_12_30_1

Any chance this could be implemented?___


Did you ever find a fix for this?

Yes, I’ve implemented this before in a previous app. You want to use scroll to item in repeating group function, ,set the repeating group type to horizontal scroll and then add a white shape on top of the horizontal scroll bar to hide it so users can’t click on the scroll bar. Click animate the scrolling



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This does not work for the very last item in a list. It does not even work for the second/third/… last item in a list if you have more than one columns configured in your repeating group. This is because the function expects a sufficient number of items after the one clicked on.

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check our plugin here : Repeating Group to snap Plugin | Bubble

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Is there a way to tweak the plugin in a way that “scroll to entry” works for every selected card? The issue is: Usually this is used to let the user choose something. It makes sense that the item which is chosen is always on the very left side of the screen. However, for the last items in a repeating group this does not work…

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