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Hi I am new to bubble . I would like to have more sections after scrolling down the website.

I was thinking that when I scroll down, the section at the top will disappear and then the next section will appear. And then when I scroll back, the section at the top will disappear and the bottom will appear. I am doing it for three sections.
May I know how do I do it? Help is appreciated.

@192756r Welcome to the community!

Explore the actions “scroll to an element”, “show an element” and “hide an element”.

For show and hide you can also explore how custom states and element conditions work (on this last one … when this happens then “this element is visible”.

Check out some cues from these YouTube videos:

I wanna like have this type of website. But it seems to be quite hard for creating this type of website.

Hi @192756r,

I’m not sure if this addresses what you’re asking, but if your sections are rows in a repeating group, the Ext. Vertical Scrolling option accomplishes this. As you scroll down the page, more elements load. It’s a fantastic feature, if you have lots of data to display on screen.


Lot of work but doable in Bubble.

For design and learning checkout @gregjohnkeegan

My sections are in group. If I were to use current page scrolling position as my condition(for eg current page scrolling position > 200), I will be able to scroll down and do the normal hiding of groups, but I kind of not too sure how do I scroll up to show the other elements at the top.

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