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hi, can u help me I need to display full page (width and height) and with a scroll bar, it’s fine with the vertical scroll bar so I try to edit it with code but it still doesnt work and when I resize my page horizantally I can’t scroll to see the elements in this page ?

Are your elements intentionally positioned beyond 1200 pixels in the X plane?

If you just need to recover elements that might have accidentally gotten stuck outside of your page’s width boundaries, do a search for them in the upper left of your editor (to the right of the page list).

Select the element to open the property editor and edit the position manually, mainly the X value. Anything below 1200 will bring it back into view.

If you intend to have a wider page, then you need to set the width of the page to whatever will contain all your elements. A smaller device/browser width will be forced to show a horizontal scroll. Just keep the user’s experience in mind. Lots of horizontal scrolling which is not very typical.

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