Show page horizontal scrollbar


I have set a page to min width of 85%(which turns out to be 1000px) so I can scroll horizontally within the page under that width . But when I open the page in a new window that has less than 1000px(say 600) then the bottom horizontal scrollbar will not show.
When i resize the window it reappears though but not on just page load.

How do i define “show page horizontal scrollbar if width is less than Y pixels”?
Or just maybe what i got set up wrong?

Note: Tried doing it with css but the body{} statement does not seem to hold in bubble…


Set it in the responsive tab of the editor (for parent groups width as a condition). If it does not work try setting it in the normal editor as a cod of the element in its condition tab using “when page width is …”

What do you mean set it in the responsive tab? is there a action that says show horizontal scrollbar?
And i couldn’t figure out the second option you suggested as well, say i put page width <1000 , then what should i change on the element?