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Scrolling floating group on page with dynamic height


I have been using a method that I posted about previously for how to make a side menu that is scrollable. So far for my purposes this technique has worked well, however I am running into an issue now on a page with dynamic height

As seen in my post on how to make the scrollable side menu ( which uses no code ) it is necessary to get the height of the page and the floating group aligned.

My problem now that the page has a height that is dynamic, it is not possible to have the floating group scrolling as the page height changes the way it works.

Does anybody have a way to make a floating group scrollable without code? I have used code in the past but load speeds often made it so that I needed to use two workflows on each trigger event so that it would work 50% of the time.

I really think that there should be a simple easy way ( checkbox ) to select “make this element scrollable”.

But until that happens we are left with hacking our way through the no code environment and I am hoping somebody has found a way that works all the time.

The method you outlined in your previous post works for me. Page dynamic height or not, just make sure the the floating group is set to both and has the same height as your index page. This happens in the editor. Your editor page height is never dynamic. The FL should adjust.

@duke.severn I got it to work again. Seemed like a temporary fluke because the copied page worked fine. I ended up having to readjust things on the page with malfunction and got it working again.