Scrollable floating group Pretty Please

Please make the floating groups scrollable with a checkbox

It is starting to become very frustrating trying to hack through a simple UX for filtering search results …just when I thought I had it figured out without code a new issue arises and causes the only way without code to not work.

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This may not work for your situation, but I have found I can use the “both” option for float relative to the top or bottom and it will allow the content inside the floating group to scroll.

Like I said, you probably already knew that. I just wanted to throw it out there Incase you didn’t.

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Thanks @ryley.randall I appreciate the input. I have been aware of this technique, it is been using that, but had a strange instance of it not working properly after having checked exhaustively prior and confirming it functioning correctly.

I believe the change in functionality occurred when my repeating group expanded causing the page height to expand beyond its original settings. I messed around with a bit after adjusting the page and the settings on the floating group. I essentially had to remove the collapsable group at the bottom and replace it with a group that was always fixed height of 10 to provide spacing.

Originally all of the floating group were scrollable once it was loaded, however, now I have one that is not scrollable but after expanding the menu items it begins to scroll as the original contents are not as long as the element itself.