Scrolling for Groups? Or scroll a stripe on the page horizontically?


I would like to have a group just for “design” purposes and make that group “scrollable”…
But I only see that option for repeating groups? Why is that?

I would like to have a small box on my page where the user can read some infos and scroll down (or to the side) to view more info. But the rest of the page should stay as it was.

Is that possible and I just dont see it?


PS What I would like to achieve is to have also a stripe which I can scroll horizontically. So I would like to have this (Horizontal scrolling repeating group) without having to have data searched/displayed in it but just to have text and forms etc in it.


We don’t support scrolling in groups (not sure how that would look…).

OK so let me rephrase that:

I would need a frame inside the actual page. So I can have a static header, static page width etc. but be able to scrool from left to right and vice versa. But WITHOUT having a repeating group because I dont need to display data/a thing. But design wise I need something similiar to this:

Can you advise if there is another way to achieve what I explained above???

If you put things in an iframe you can handcode things, it’s going to be hard to display dynamic data, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for you. So that way you can.

Otherwise, using Bubble built-in features, it’s not possible currently.

Sorry emmanuel…one last question:

I managed to use a repeating group to achieve this functionality. I just created a “dummy” thing (called design_thing) with no data and than I put in the fields, texts and forms i want to use in s horizontal scrolling windows into the cells etc. I display 1 text from the data/thing (current cell blabla) in order to “activate” the repeating group.
My questions: is this workaround"OK" or would it be a lot of loading/database usage etc. and slowing down the page?
see attached screenshots:

It’s a bit hacky, but as the list is short, shouldn’t make the loading slower.

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I need to do something similar. However I assume there is a simple solution. I am trying to make my text scrollable. Text that is static that I have inputted.

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This thread has been really helpful. Thanks everyone. Any chance a less hacky solution has come about for this?