Application Prototype

Hi everyone,

I am working on creating a mobile prototype with bubble and am trying to mock the feature of horizontal scrolling like google play and other apps.

I am curious if you had any creative ways to go about this. I proposed using the slideshow plugin and having images just scroll. It may be my best option but does not look and feel right.

Thanks for your help!

++ Here is a link to another forum with a potential solution, but I was not able to copy how it works.

Repeating group, there is an option to scroll horizontally.

THERE IS, available when selecting what type of RG you want.

Yes, I understand the repeating group could work but I’m trying to get the last visible group to be partially hidden to start until there are no more items to view, then the last group is visible.

The UX purpose of this is to let users know that there is more content via scrolling horizontally

Here’s what I’m messing with now. Do you think there’s a way to hide the blue rectangle when the repeating group ends?

hi @aydts11 - it’s a bit of a hack, but have you tried putting a “Shape” Element to hide part of the RG? Then the next (or last) cell in the RG will be partially hidden - your users will see there’s another cell with content. If that works for you, you’ll want to put the RG and the Shape together in a group (sounds like you’re making a responsive design). That way the RG and the Shape will adjust to screen sizes. Hope that helps and makes some sense

HI @nikolai thats kind of what I am playing with now. Take a look here

not exactly sure how to hide it thogh when the last group is visible