Seachbox Geographic Place Names should not be appearing

I have my search box set to geographic locations, however when you search, certain results populate that are not actually addresses. For example, see Apple Store. If the user clicks Apple Store they get an error and it is not accepted by the searchbox because it is not an actual address. How can I make it so that only addresses appear in the search results? Thanks!

I think the suggestions of Apple Store are appearing instead of addresses because you are typing in the word Apple Stor and not typing in an address.

Have you tried typing in an address like 123 Apple Street to see if Apple Stores still appear?

Yes, I know that. Is there a way for when I type Apple Store, only the addresses of the Apple Stores appear? An address is not linked to that first Apple Store Text and it is still clickable. So, users think they can click it, but it is an invalid option.

No, I don’t think so.

You can dive into the Google Places API documentation to try and see if Google allows for something like that, but I do not believe it does

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