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Autocomplete for Addresses and Search Terms - Places SearchBox

While the Geographic Places and Get Google Place’s API through Bubble’s SearchBox (if I have set it up properly) are brilliant features, I just can’t seem to figure out how to have my SearchBox behave exactly like Google Places SearchBox

Example: (excluding the actual map)

For example, my Geographic Places SearchBox appears great at auto-completing exact addresses, but it won’t find places such as “SECC Glasgow”, “Fubar Stirling”, or even “Glasgow Airport” - like it does in the example link above.

Would I need an in-depth knowledge and coding skills to pull this off, or can I use Bubble’s inbuilt features to make this work?

I am not looking for a step-by-step guide from anyone, but if someone can point me in the right direction, I would very much appreciate it. :tired_face:

Are you using the Geographic Address Searchbox ?

That is Addresses not Places.

Hi @NigelG

Yes, I have been trying it with the Geographic Address SearchBox too. I’ve been trying many things to get this to work.

Do you know what I mean by their SearchBox in that example link - it’s like it provides both Google Places and Geographic Address results from the same SearchBox. If that makes sense?

I have been trying something with a Repeating Group at the moment, as I’m guessing from old posts, that might be the way to do it I think.

Places have addresses. So if you use the Places plugin you should be able to do a search and pull back the geo.

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This is an example of something I am trying to achieve…

I have tried to mimic this behaviour by using a repeating group, but it appears to display some buggy behaviour, most probably due to not being set up properly…

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Thanks @NigelG

I have now managed to display the results in a repeating group below the input.

Do you have any idea why the repeating group displays all these random results…

…before the correct results are displayed:

It’s only for a few short moments, but it’s a bit “ugly” and unnecessary for user experience.

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