Search 2.0 Capabilities

Search is core to most apps I’ve seen (and built) with Bubble (see here and here for just 2 examples of many ideas Bubblers have put forth to get increased capabilities).

The SearchBox plugin, as well as other native workflows/events leave a lot to be desired, and there’s only so far we can expect @emmanuel & co to go.

Search-as-a-Service is gaining tons of traction, I’d love to see (and am happy to help sponsor) any efforts to take Bubble search to the next level via integrations with these platforms.

I’m thinking an Algolia + InstantSearch.js plugin would be ideal. They have a free Starter plan (both ProductHunt and FontAwesome power their search w/ Algolia’s free version), and an incredibly well documented API. I’m not a developer, or I’d try to build myself.

@mishav, @seanhoots I love what you guys have contributed thus far (AirXXX, Croppie, Toolbox, etc.). Know your plates are full, but if you guys (or anyone else) is interested in collaborating, hit me up.


I think an Algolia integration would be incredible. First saw this used as an additional Hacker News search utility

The main issue I see is that this could require some collab with Bubble. For instance, not all apps would easily be able to add their content to an Algolia index (and each app would need its own separate database to search on, which can affect sub-app deployments). I’m not sure exactly how it works, but if it’s anywhere near as complicated as Solr it would require a huge effort among the sponsored group building it and the Bubble team. But hey, I agree with you that Bubble could use a better search solution and I too would throw in to help sponsor such a feature.


Hi @daniel3,
Just had a quick go at Algolia and it looks like a bubble plugin is very doable.
Have to look into InstantSearch.js more though to figure out how widgets will be presented in bubble.
Unfortunately can’t promise any timelines as i’m a bit busy now but its something i will be happy to do whenever i get the time.


fantastic, @seanhoots. Happy to chat, beta-test, and problem solve whenever you have time to pick it up.

Did anything come of this discussion? Advancements in search is of interest to me.

+1 for Algolia integration. Dev equivalent of dropping a corvette engine into a dodge caravan.


It’s not quite Algolia, but I’ve got a plugin in the works that improves search functionality somewhat by adding fuzzy search.

Demo here:

If anyone’s interested in beta testing it please let me know your app name and I’ll authorise it for you to use. My assumption at the moment is it might have trouble with really massive datasets as the searching is done on the client side, but I’ve not tested it enough to know for sure.


Anyone working on Algolia, InstantSearch.js, Solr, or another database side search tool?

@dambusmedia’s SearchAutocomplete works great for lists of records that we can load client-side. But, Bubble still has a large feature gap for searching large data sets since it needs to be done database side for performance reasons.

I’m happy to chip in $ if anyone’s open to taking it on.


Hey Scott we can do this let’s discuss


+1 I´m very interested on this idea

+1 - Yah, for search 2.0. We’d be interested in collaborating with folks to get this done. Our main use case is to have the ability to search across tables (elastic search) using fuzzy and structured logic. Loading all the data to the page, to then do a search, is very likely a non-starter. The volume of data is simply too large.

+1 - happy to chip in on this as well!