Search box element - geographic address

Hello! I’m integrating the search box element in my bubble app, for getting geographic address.
I have seen in some tutorials that I should define the google api keys. But now bubble is not asking me that.

Is the search box - geographic address free to use? Or do google or bubble charge us to use it?

Hi @francochapa01 :wave:
I don’t think so (bubble will definitely ask for the Keys)

I think in your “Settings” section → “General” tab these values are filled with some dummy values or not empty

Hi @mdburhan3

But, as you can see in this image, the keys are empty, and the elements is working well. I even create a thing of the type ‘geographic address’ and I can see the thing well.

Shoul I care about something? I don’t want to find a problem in the future for not having keys/being charged.
Thank you!

now I can see that bubble returns that my app has issues to fix. But what is rare is that the search box still works.

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