SearchBox's value seems empty although the address is displayed

Hi everyone,

I have a searchbox that is searching for geographic places. Once a user starts typing in the searchbox, Google shows geo places as expected. However, I can not extract that data to other input or text fields. In the debugger it looks like the SearchBox’s value is empty.

That must be something small where I can not get it. Do you have any ideas or advice how to troubleshoot that issue?


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Oliver, were you able to figure this out? If you still need help, let’s do a quick session and we can figure out what is going on:

Thank you for asking, @rybadger. Thanks one of @romanmg post, I was able to resolve this issue by doing set up a http referrer (not set to “none”) on the API key.

Hi folks, I’m having this same problem and not sure how you were able to resolve this. Appreciate any further details. It doesn’t make sense why bubble cannot let you use the value of the searchbox when it’s specified as “geographical place” . I’m able to use it if I make it a static choice. Thank you !

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