Search box element UX problem

When you start typing in the search box, you start seeing a list of matching records. And immediately the top line is added to the text entry area making you think the top line in the drop down is already selectable by pressing enter. If you press enter, it is not selected. Several testers have reported this UX issue.

The autocomplete text is shown in an OFF-COLOR to the color of your text but still close enough and visible enough to create the confusion.

We need a way to either disable showing that text or be able to control the font color to make it equal to the background. There is no style control for this color.

Any comments? Please advice.



You can control this yourself by putting a bit of code into the head of the page.
First of all bring up the element controls of the page itself and then enter in the following code into Page HTML Header:

.tt-hint {
color: #ffffff !important;


Thank you that worked!!!

However I wish it could be in the Style for each independent search box. I have several. One in the header for search needs to have black background. One in the page are geographical and need white background.

To make it work in the header I had to put in the Setting SEO & Metatags /hearder

Many thanks again…

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