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Allow changing of font color in search box

I want to set the font color of the placeholder text to white.

My work around for this was to show a text element behind the input and hide the text element when the input was in focus or had a value. This assumes that the background color of the input is transparent.

That doesn’t work for the Search (AutocompleteDropdown) element. It doesn’t show in the “An element is clicked” event.

Check this sample.

I hid the text element (that is behind the dropdown) when the dropdown was in focus or had a value.

Scott, the link isn’t loading for me. Keeps saying there is an error.

I’ve recreated it in the forum app.

I wasn’t surprised that the link didn’t work for you, as a lot of the shared links haven’t worked for me either.


Thanks Scott! I spent like five minutes going “how the heck did he do that”, as I’m looking through the workflow tab and not finding anything related to the search box or text. :slightly_smiling:

Not sure why I didn’t think about using a condition on the text element… I was trying everything on the search box instead.

Still going to leave this idea here, because it would be nice if they could make it easier to change the color.

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Sorry, I definitely could have been more thorough. I tend to be very succinct due to time.

Not a problem at all. I greatly appreciate the help.

That is pure genius @Scott :slightly_smiling:

I had also never realised you could have multiple condition statements on a single condition. That will save me a lot of duplication. Thanks.

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