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Search box help

i have a repeating group as a search box, but it doesnt seem to work well or as smooth as the regular search box input, for one it is very slow, it doesnt always return results, it only shows results if you type in the exact phrase, and if you simply click in the input without typing text, the reoeating group shows every result possible.

i need help creating a highly responsive, highly accurate search using a repeating group.
i currently have the repeating group do a search for posts w/ message= input’s value, so what am i missing or doing wrong with that?

also, to elaborate, for instance if a post’s message is who, i have to type in who into the input for it to show up in the results.
if the message is what, i have to type in what into the input for it to show up in the results.

i would like results to show up with “who” and “what” when a user simply type in “wh” and searches

also, i want the search to happen as the user is type, not having to press ENTER to initiate the repeating group search.

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