Repeating Group Results from Search box OR Dropdown

Hi, I’m trying to get my data to display in a repeating group based on either the selection of a “Category” from a dropdown list of options or a general search for the “Name” in a search box.

I’ve figured out how to get my data to display when a selection is made on the dropdown list, but I can’t figure out how to get my data to display when I enter a term in the search box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi amcgunagle.

So for the search input I use the set up like below. The search input is input C.
This means go to the repeating group, and add a condition, that when the search input is not empty, to search for only data that contains the input. (You could also search for data only in the input and with the right category.

If this does not work well enough for you change it to "Do a search for: Filtered then select advanced. " (note in this screenshot i am looking for lists not users, as this was a different part of my app)

2020-04-14 22_58_49-Todolisttool _ Bubble Editor

hope this helps, pm me if you need further help

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