Search box (or input as a search box): search and filter values from a group that is not a repeating group

Hello !

After going through several topics I didn’t find an answer to my problem. I’m trying to use a search box or an input (as a search box) to search for values (and filter them) in a group that is not a repeating group. Is it technically possible ?

Using search box was nearly impossible because it didn’t even allow me to chose all the fields (in one fell swoop) from the list I selected but had to choose only one value and only a text type.

What I’m restricted to choose in my list :

Here is the complete list, please keep in mind there are dropdown types :

Then I decided to try with an input using it as a search box. I tried several things in the data source of the group that I want to link with the input such as using “advanced filter” or using constraints like “Any field contains in input” but it didn’t work.

More details regarding sub-groups in the element tree:

What I would like to search and filter are texts in sub-groups inside a group:

Every potential solutions I found were unfortunately linked to repeating groups…

I hope everything is clear, let me know otherwise.