How can filter data with input field?

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I’m would like to know how we can filter data in a repaeating group with an input. What I want is when I enter a letter in the input filter all the name of the pictures and it displays only the image where the name begin with the corresponding lettre. Then if we enter a second letter, the input will filter again and the repeatibg group will display images containig the letters entered in the input.

Could you help me, please.




Have an input box outside the repeating group. Then on the repeating group source you do a search for x - in here you can select the Thing i.e. usertype = inputX. If you need to do a more complex filter then you can use search for x:filtered and in the filtered box you can use the advanced feature to give you more powerful filters.


Hello @simon,

Thanks for your answer. What I’m looking for is a more powerful filter. So what I want is the exactly the idea I’ve mentionned prviously. So it correspond to your second idea because I’ve already implement the first one. However, I don’t know how I can use the filtered oeprator to implement my filter.

Could you help me by giving me some screenshot or more informations, please.



Sampel url :

Ty so much !!!

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