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Search constraint and option sets


I have one RG that is using a filter on a field that is a list of texts. It is filtering using a search constraint whereby data field contains all the items in the selection list. As context, records have tags and can have multiple tags and filter can have multiple tags so we want all the records whose tag lists contain all the selected filter tags.

This works.

However, when the list is a list of option sets that contain a text display attribute I cannot set up a constraint of data field (list of option set values) contains filter (list of option set values) - it just red flags me. Annoying given both sides of the constraint test are lists of the same type of things (and it recognises that).

That is my preference because it is way faster (server side) than filtering. That said, I can’t even get the filtering to work. Is there a way to debug the filter side to see what is actually being evaluated and thus work out why the filter is not firing?

So - does this ring any bells?

Any suggestion re debugging the filter evaluation process.

many thanks

Hey @andrew.waites :wave:

Thanks for the post! Happy to talk through debugging here. My favorite method is using our debugger as you can inspect individual elements and see the dynamic expressions they’re running on. From there, you can click the dynamic expressions in the debugger to see how each piece is being evaluated and what it’s yielding.

We might have some other suggestions if you’d like to put together a quick demo and shoot us an email at [email protected]