RG Filtering with search box and dropdown

I can’t figure out what the issue is. See the example below. I have a dropdown box that has a constraint to filter by Status using the dropdown boxes value. I also have a search field that is set to search anyfield based on it’s value.

Two questions…

  1. Why when I select ‘Contacted’ does it show me a Status with ‘Lead’ as the only option. Does it for both the search and dropdown.

  2. Is there a way to confirm the search and dropdown to show no results when it doesn’t match anything? It seems if it doesn’t match anything, it shows all entries (I don’t like this default).

Here is a quick video of what I am seeing.

Can you share your RG source settings? (Search restriction)
I think you are just not using the correct settings (are your using filtered?)

Thank you for your assistance. Here are the conditional settings on the RG in question. Do you see where my error is?

You are doing a lot of condition according to if a field is empty or not. But because you use Ignore empty constraints, you should put all the filter in the same search action. If a constraint is empty, it will not be used (for example, dropdown is empty).
Also, You have a merged with. this merge two list together. Not sure you need that.
I think you should put all condition into one search. But this depend of what you expect from that.

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Thank you Jici. I have removed all conditional formatting and put all of the constraints in the repeating group (see image below).

This was an attempt to allow me (the Manager) to see the list of leads since I am not the assigned user. I have removed it for now, I can also use ‘login as user’ function as a work-around.

So here is the good and bad news. The good news is the search feature seems to be working as expected now. The bad news is, there is still something now working quite right with the dropdown filter (although it is better than before). When I select the dropdown filter to show on ‘Lead’ status, I only get 1 out of the 2 example leads to show up (see video below). Any idea on what else could be wrong?

Actually it’s a little bit hard to tell without seing data and DB setting. But what you can do is to use Inspect and select the RG and inspect each part of the data source ( on left side, scroll down to see data source. This will be in blue. Click on on, this will show on the right part and you can inspect each part and filter. So you can see exactly what the data source use to filter data).

This is great advice, thank you for all your help. I still can’t figure out this last issue, but I will play around with it more. I appreciate your time and effort. I’ll marked this solved for now, since your suggestions resolved 90% of the issue.

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