Search database daily and send email if conditions are true

How would I create a workflow that searches the database daily and, if certain conditions were true, then it would trigger an action, like send an email?

Any help appreciated!

Many thanks

  1. In the backend workflows, create a workflow.
  2. In that workflow, make sure the last step schedules this workflow to be ran 1 day from the time it was run.
  3. Create a test page and add a button.
  4. Also add a date/time picker.
  5. Create a workflow for this button. When the button is clicked, schedule the backend workflow you created. It should be scheduled for the time set in your date/time picker.

Thanks for this @dbevan .

Is there a way it can run without me needing to press a button everyday?

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You don’t need to press a button every day… just once to start it running.

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Oh yes, that makes sense now you’ve said it!! Thanks guys, this has helped tremendously


Also, if anyone finds this thread this video has just helped me out too:

But the answers from the wonderful guys above have explained how to set it working daily

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