Search Dropdown: How to get All as an option?

My search dropdown looks like this:

with Field of Interest data source like this:

with Researcher database like this:

But how can I allow the User to reselect all researchers? At the moment there is a blank row in Field of Interest which looks bad and onclick it does show all researchers but the Field of Interest is now blank.

I’m thinking I need an ‘All’ option and no blank row - how do I implement this?

Public Bubble here:

Here we go…


I have followed that block as far as I can see but still have the following problems:

  • Search results do change when anything other than ‘All Ingredients’ is selected but they change to blank search results
  • I can’t get ‘All ingredients’ to appear at the top of the drop down options

We don’t support the All options if you use the dropdown. So you have to use a combination of a dropdown and a repeating group, as @NigelG is suggesting (or just a repeating group with checkboxes).

Since you’re sorting alphabetically, a hack to get the All at the top is to add a space in front of it. It’s a bit hacky but that’s what it takes.

For the first point, can you be more clear? A specific situation would help.

We’ll add a dropdown that lets you select multiple items in the coming weeks, that would help with this, but in the meantime this solution is a way to do it.


What is the status of the dropdown menu that allows multiple selections? Any timeframe? I’m spending a lot on a work around, but will focus my efforts elsewhere if you are still planning to add this feature in the near future.


We’re looking at this these days.


You cannot manipulate the created or modified dates so it is very difficult to sort the list with the ‘All’ item when you sort the list on created or modified date. Because you have to select the field on the data source, when you select ‘:sorted’ you can only sort on that field. (the data source has more sort options)

I display the dropdown using field x, but :plusitem ‘All’ is not from that field so it will always end up at the top or bottom but is not being sorted because it is not one of those entries.

I can hack this by making sure All is an actual entry in the database but if it is the first one in the database, it doesnt help when I want to sort descending on created date. Maybe im missing something though…

I have a similar issue, however, my filter isn’t in the form of a drop down but a table of preference.

So one of the filter (a column in a table), is set to empty (based on input in dropdown that allow “space” - which is “this dropdown allows to be empty” unchecked)

Now in my repeating group I put an advanced filter based on do search my table of preference.

The issue is when the column is empty, my repeating group doesn’t provide a result. I want if that empty, the repeating group returns ALL.

Any trick to do this?

Thanks in advanced.

Any fix yet?

I’m also interested to learn if there is any resolution around this issue. It’s not a great user experience to see an empty value which when the dropdown value is empty in all intents and purposes results in an all/any search.

In my particular use case, the ability to replace the empty value with anything text would resolve this issue.

I tried to do this:

But it doesn’t work and resolves to the empty value.

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I remember Support saying they had no plans to change this, it seems so simple but I think there were technical reasons why they wouldn’t change it, I think there’s a trail in the forum somewhere. I think this might be one of the times you have to purchase a dropdown plugin.

Thanks for the insight @cowontherun. Workarounds or commercial plugins it is… for now.

For anyone else looking for a solution:
Multiselect Dropdown Plugin (free by Bubble) did it for me.

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