Adding an "All" option on a dropdown

I have a dropdown to select types of videos (baseball, football, etc.). Initially, the repeating group shows all videos. Selecting an item in dropdown (eg ‘baseball’) shows just those videos of type baseball. Can select any one type and see those videos.

Is there a way to have an ‘All’ option where I could see all the videos (as I get initially)?

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Hi @davidm

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Thanks - I had seen that but didn’t understand the “then put in a :plusitem which is set to “All”” part

I have CategoryType (the ‘options’ of type text) and “this input should not be empty” is checked (so I don’t have a blank entry in the dropdown at the top.

But wasn’t sure how/where to use the “:plus item” - see if in reference but not sure exactly what to do w/it…

You add it on the end of the Choices Source…


(am amazed people are still referring to Bob!!)


thanks Nigel - see where to add it now. Prob is:

My Type of choices is not “text” directly - it’s VideoCategory which is my list of those items (that show in my dropdown). When adding “All” get an error (even though not showing in image):

My customer data type VideoCategory has a “name” field of type “text”

Another way to do as you suggest?

Figured out how to get All to show w/changes suggested above (thanks!!) and some related workflow changes.

Last issue seems to be making ‘All’ the top option (as I have an option alphabetically earlier than ‘All’). Added the :sorted so now in ABC order.

How best to do that?

Put a symbol in front ?

- All ?

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Went with “- All -”
That did the trick! :clap:
Just had to make sure to change “All” to “- All -” across my workflows.


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