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Hi everyone.

Just a quick question. Why do you think my search bar only finds the items when its typed in lowercase?
yet the item itself is spelt with with the first letter/s in capitals but if you type it beginning with a capital you will find nothing.
Ironically my search bar even gives you the suggested name in the exact spelling the item is however, if you click that suggested name the result will show nothing again.

True to its behaviour if an item has no capitals in its name but you type it in the search bar beginning with a capital you won’t find it… for some reason you have to begin that name in lowercase lol.

Note: the search bar is in a reusable element (header) the search is achieved using : send more parameters - get data from page url.

Thank you to anybody who can help.

In code and in bubble “This” does not equal “this”. In order to accurately search for texts it is best practice to store string values in either all lowercase or all uppercase (I prefer all lowercase). Then whenever you display texts from the database you can use the Bubble add-on of :capitalized words so they appear in the correct format. This also allows for when you use a search bar always say do a search for thing where field equals searchbox’s value:to lowercase. That way you don’t have to rely on the user properly typing it if it is a name for example with a capital first letter.

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