Search Engine Functionality

Hi guys,
I would like to add a search function in my bubble app that searches across different data tables.
I tried a fuzzy search but it seems that it is only possible to search different fields of “text” data type within a table and not from different tables even though they are linked in the database.
Also, it doesn’t show any option to search for Option Sets.
Did anyone face a similar issue and have a recommendation on how to tackle this?
Thanks in advance!

Sync with Algolia on a professional plan.

Hey @ap11 :wave:

As a cheaper alternative sometimes I would combine the text fields into one field as a search field. Then you can use the search and autocorrect with just one field that has all of the data in a text field. When you save the fields of the other data, just update your search field with all of the text combined with spaces.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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