Search filter not working - any thoughts?

I have been going around in circles trying to fix this bug with no result - I would really appreciate your time / thoughts on this filter bug on the following page:

As you can see there are a few filters working with each other. The one that does not work is the first - ‘Search’

Searching any word will generate the string in the url:

search=(then whatever you have typed in)

but it never brings back a result.

Everything ‘looks’ correct in the back office and all the other filters work / work with each other. This is what is triggered when you type in the field and the search button is clicked in the workflow:

and the search input itself in design mode:

and here is a successful one - location:

Is it the key that is set to ‘search’ incorrect?? If so what should it be replaced with?

The results are a parent group:

Here it is in debugger mode ‘Step by Step’

Thank you for your time.

What are your search constraints?

But how are you handling filtering the RG using these URLs? Have you checked if it is correct?

One other thing you might want to check would be this:

There seems to be some small issue with the spacing and interaction area.

I cannot seem to find any?

Here it is on the page:

and when I edit the element:

and go into the content:

Thank you

Sorry Newed, what do you mean by RG? Thank you for the cookie spot too!

If you have a repeating group showing a list of jobs, you must surely have a Do a search for with a dynamic constraint as the data source.

That is what I thought but I cannot find this - I can see the data source selected

but no option to see the constraint?

You’re not in your repeating group. Your in a group inside the repeating group. Go to your repeating group. Click on the data source expression and send a screenshot.

I think this is it?

Are you actually using Algolia search? I don’t mean that in a disparaging way I’m just making sure you’re not trying to use Algolia to search the Bubble database because that’s not how it works.

Oh my oh my so sorry - this must of been from a previous development that I was unaware of (before my time). I have not used ‘Algolia search’ before but that plugin does seem to be in the system… What should I change it to?

Just delete it. Change your data source to do a search for Job Listings with a field constraint of Get search from page URL. To search multiple fields, you can merge multiple searches that have one constraint for each field.

Thank you for all your help so far - before I delete this, isnt this the correct area? Was in appearance

Sure, and that’s why your search is only empty when you add a search parameter to the URL. Because your conditional search isn’t correct.

Oh I see! Getting close now and thank you so much

So when ‘get search from page url is not empty’ -

then is this the right data source?

Yes, then just add a constraint for a field contains keywords Get data from search

Good morning George and thank you so much for your help so far.

You said to add a constraint for a field contains keywords Get Data from search but these exact options do not come up. Please advise

These are my options when I click on the search option for constraints:

Only field option is ‘Any Field’ so I tried that:

the only url option is this so I have selected:

which then brings up ‘get data from page URL’ and to choose the parameter name.

Not sure what I where to go to from here? Or if I am going in a complete wrong direction? Please advise

Thank you!

Yeah I mean get data from page URL

excellent thank you! So it would read ‘Any field contains Get data from page URL’

This then brings the error:

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 11.26.55

so I click on the 'get data from page URL:

what do I put in the parameter name?

Thank you!

You’ve already got it