Search from Option Sets used as categories

Hello guys.
Just a question on what would be the best way to get a search box look for categories and subcategories.

For now I have made Option Sets with categories and subcategories, but cant manage to get it to search as its not in the database i guess.

thanks in advance, have a great day. :slight_smile:

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You want a search box that will display any option set that contains the category or subcategory entered?

yep, thats right!
Kind of like Search but only in these caterogies(option sets)

You would have to do more of like a repeating group which by default already has all the options as the data source and then a conditional on each cell to only show if it matches the search box’s value

I got 2 option sets
Category & Subcategory (Subcategory is connected to the Category option set

but I also need to connect these to Listings datatype i guess
but yea, the end thing what Im trying to achieve is when i start to write in search, it gives out - category as a title and subcategory as selectable text.

here is design for an idea :confused:

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