Search function / Filtering results in repeating group?

I am creating (in its most basic function) an events app.

The home page displays events created by Admin (user type) and displays these in a Repeating Group - a Description, date, title and image from each event.

I want to add a search function - filtering the Events displayed in the repeating group.

I have a search box and button. I tried ‘Display List’ in ‘RepeatingGroup’ with constrains, but it doesn’t seem to work. See screenshot.
Any help appreciated!

You have to do that on Repeating Group element data, not on workflow. Use Filter or Constraint.

Hi Ualdir,

Still struggling with this.
In the RG element data I can’t make it so the data updates when pressing a button.

In workflow, I can make Search Button, when pressed, ‘Display list’ with my constraints (Any Field contains Search Box value), similarly to this tutorial by @romanmg, but the Repeating Group returns blank.

EDIT: Don’t worry - I got it to work in the end. No idea how!!

I tried implementing the search box through the repeating group element using constraints on the Data Source (When ‘Button’ is pressed, ‘Do a Search’ - Events (Thing) - Constrained by ‘Any Field contains Search box’s value’) but what was happening is the filters would only apply when HOLDING DOWN/PRESSING the button. When you let go of the click the original data would return. Still don’t know how to prevent that, but…

I went back to implementing the search through the Workflow and basically did what the video I posted said. When Button is clicked - Display List - Repeating Group - Do a search…blah blah. Works fine now - I just deleted that element of the work flow and did it again and it worked :man_shrugging:

Thanks anyway!

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