Adjust repeating group based on search query

I have a repeating group which shows a text and date type which are user generated from an input form.

I’d like to create a search which when used both searches the text type and adjusts the repeating group to show the results.

I’ve added a search input into the repeating group which autocompletes and searches fine, however I can’t seem to get the repeating group updated against the search term.

Can anyone advise?

You should be able to use a “Display data in group” action in a workflow in order to get the repeating group to display the updated information.

Have you tried the step below:

In the repeating group appearance:

Do a search for text - > text contains search input’s value

Thanks what would the data source be? If I put SearchBox A’s typed text (or value) it shows as red? Do I need a further condition?

Don’t have an option for text contains so I did:
Do a search for > Title = SearchBox B’s typed text.
Didn’t seem to work! Why is a search so tricky! Haha!

Try “contains” instead of = if you can – that should help!

Thanks Eve,

I have created the following workflow:

When button search is clicked > Hide RepeatingGroup Todo > Display list in RepeatingGroup ToDo.

To confirm I’m looking to hide the exisiting list and replace with just items whose title (a text field name) matches against a title the user has searched for.

If I go for display data in group I don’t see my repeating group, hence I’ve chosen the Display List but in this option there’s no way to filter against the title and only show these results?

Hi @samuel.l.jefferies

Try doing this:

In the repeating group add a condition:
“input’s value is not empty”
Data Source: do a search for “data”> text contains input’s value

In this case you won’t need any workflow.

You can also watch this video by @Trynocode which explains this quite nicely:

I hope this helps!