Search is pulling all content (10MB) related to each object

Hello! Thanks to everyone in the community for the help. I’m seriously stuck on a performance problem with searches.

I have a page of Case Studies (in a Repeating Group) and a Workflow is feeding the correct data to the Repeating Group.

I want to pull only certain data elements that I need to render this row within the Repeating Group. This is because each Case Study can have up to 20MB of “Content” (a separate field that’s related to a Case Study):

But when I use this logic, it appears that Bubble is also searching the Content field (which, again, is related but not directly on the Case Study Object).

Is there any way to ask Bubble to just pull back a list of Case Studies (without their content) and then only request data needed to display the row in the Repeating Group?


Have you ever seen this post by Josh on Bubble’s performance?

I guess the only way to escape it is to shift that 20 MB of content to another data type and relate the 2 pieces of data.

Thanks for the reply, @rico.trevisan. I have seen that post before (still, it’s a helpful repost). I already did shift the big content to another type. The strange thing is that the big content is still being fetched even though it isn’t referenced in the row and isn’t directly on the main row object.

I’m at a loss for what to do next. I have a support ticket out there for some help. Any other ideas would be a big help!

After deeper investigation, it looks like this all might be related to the Relative Time plugin. It was my mistake, because I didn’t realize that one of them was looking for the “big content’s” modified date. Thus, the search had to pull all the big content just to see when it was modified.

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