Search list of things contains another list of things

I have things of things (EquipType) on my user table and the same list of things on another table “Bulletin”. I want to build a list of all users that have EquipType contains in Bulletin’s EquipType, is this possible?

If the user’s EquipType has 3 items and the Bulletin’s EquipType has 15 items, all that I need is a single match to identify the user.

Thanks for your help

You will need to use a the Advanced Filter and the Intersect function to find any overlap.
I would recommend filtering the initial List of Users as much as possible before using the Advanced Filter to try to improve load times.

Something along the lines of this should work:

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Hi Geoff, thanks for reply but I still not sure where to add the advanced filter. Below is the data query which needs EquipType field check. The user and bulletin table has EquipType as list of things and the check just need to find 1 match for the user to be included in the API workflow.