Search RG using input field

My RG has two records: “Dom” and “Dominic”
When I enter Dom, I only get one record and not “Dominic” one. But can I make it to show both?

… contains keyword(s)
This operator tests whether some text contains certain words. It takes the argument supplied, breaks it up into component words, removes any ‘stop’ words (short, common words like ‘the’ or ‘a’), and looks for the resulting word(s). For example, searching for ‘cat hat’, ‘cat in hat’, ‘cat in the hat’, ‘the hat cat’, or ‘hat cat’ would return ‘the cat in the hat’. This does not respect partial words that are not of the same stem, so ‘pepp’ would not return ‘peppers’.

[bubble manual]

You can use “contains” operator, but it also has it’s own limits [bubble manual]

So what is the work around?

you can use :contains operator. But as you can see - word order is crucial (not a problem if you have a single word in the field, like “client name” or “client surname”, for example) and case-sensitive. So you can add :lowercase operator for each of two values (client name and input’s value). This way you will compare two lowercase values and :contains will work.

Thank you. It worked.
Screenshot 2023-03-22 164324

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