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Search substring in data -> app data tab

Does anyone know how to search for a substring within the app data tab?

I know I have a bunch of users with gmail addresses. If I type in their email exactly it will return that result but I would think there should be a way to pull up all users with a common email substring (or substring of another field for that matter).


Hey there, you can create a view from the App Data page and then add a constraint that would be “email contains

Although it appears the Bubble built-in email field for the User type only allows the constraint to be “=”. Not sure if you’re looking for the built-in email field or created your own.

Thanks for that suggestion and yes that would work but that’s not really that dynamic. Sometimes I need to make edits to certain users with a common theme (i.e. all emails) and just want to search for those. Creating a view would work but usually the edits I need to make are for only a handful of users at a time so seems like more work to create the view than just type in each of the handful of emails individually.