No longer able to filter app data on "Created by"

Potential bug, would love If someone could check and see if they’re seeing the same issue.

I’m no longer able to filter app data (in backend) on “created by” field. It returns nothing when I search for a known email. I’m 99% sure I used to be able to do that.

To clarify, I’m talking about the app data search function, not fetching data in my app. All other fields are searchable apart from “Created by”

Hi there, @casheets123… if it helps, you can click the really tiny n additional fields link under the Bulk button, and you can add a constraint where Created By equals a particular user’s email.


yup, I have it as an additional field, I can see the email, but when I search for it, nothing is returned.

I was talking about adding the constraint in the same place where you selected the additional field. There is an Add a constraint button at the bottom of that view.

Oh sorry, you mean setting up a constraint as a view instead of searching for the User in the search field? Yes, that would be a work around, but not a great substitute for a working search function :wink:

When you search for “created by” are you able to get a match, or are you seeing the same, returning nothing?

Yup, my bad… I didn’t make it very clear that I was talking about adding a constraint to a view… sorry about that.

I had actually never tried to search for an email address in the search field before, and yup, I get nothing being returned.

No, I’m being generally slow today haha. Thank you for checking.

I’m at least half a percent sure I have filtered entries based on Created by before. I had to do it only last week when I had to find entries made by a specific user. Not sure how I did that if this was never possible, I’ll file a bug report. Might be something that has changed on Bubbles end.

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Not that this makes it better because I would expect that searching for an email address would bring back records created by that person, but another quick test showed that searching by a user’s Unique id does exactly that. So, you know, there’s that. :slight_smile:

I do wonder if this response from Emmanuel a few years ago (even though it’s in a different context) does shed some light on it, though…

In other words, email addresses are just, um, special, and you can’t do certain things on them that you might expect to be able to do.

Anyway, that’s enough out of me on this topic. If you do get a response from Bubble, I’d love to hear what the answer is.


That’s interesting, I’ve never had the need to search for a User’s email in a search box inside an app. However, since you are able to filter on the Email field on User in the backend, it doesn’t seem to be related?

I did hear back from the Bubble team, unfortunately there was a bit of miscommunication, and the repro steps weren’t followed as described. (they ended up searching for an “Email” under user, and not “Created by” which is not available for the data type User). So I’m currently waiting to hear back after they’ve done another test.

I heard back from the bubble team today, and they were able to confirm that the Created By field is not being searched in their test app either. It’s been passed on to the engineering team, so I guess it’s now in the bug queue. It’s hardly an app breaking thing so we’ll see when they get to it. :slight_smile:

But it’s good to know I wasn’t going crazy haha.

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