Search where API workflow is being used/called

Is there any way to identify if an API workflow is actually “being used”?
What I mean is, in my app I am pushing all workflows that involve operations on the database to the backend workflow sections and do them in API workflows. The reason is that, often, I can generalize database operations and use them on multiple pages in my app. However, due to the complexity and due to changing and further developing my app, it is possible that, meanwhile, certain API workflows are not being called by any of my app pages anymore and became out of use. The problem is that I can’t just delete any of them because it may be in use somewhere after all. I know that when any workflow logic breaks, a red “issue” pops up and leads me to where a problem is. However, during the development phase, the issue list is usually quite full and I can’t really make out where the issue with the deleted API workflow comes in. At least not conveniently…

With the current functionality in bubble, it seems I have to search every singe of my app’s pages to see if an API workflow is being called somewhere, which is a HUGE pita. I wish there was a way to simply list all instances where a certain API workflow is being called (so, a list of all local page workflows that call it).

Does something like that maybe already exist and I simply haven’t come across it yet? Maybe with a plugin or so? Or does anyone see any other way to get bubble to show me what I need?

Thanks in advance!

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You can explore the search options under Edit. They’re pretty robust.

For reference:

In the App Search Tool,
Search By: Action type,
Action type: Schedule API Workflow
API event: name_of_workflow



@jaydc, does this indeed work for you? I’ve been trying this exact technique, but it returns zero results even though there are workflow actions that match the search criteria. I made sure to deselect “Only search current page”. I came to the forum to see whether anyone was reporting that this doesn’t work and I encountered your post here.

UPDATE: I was trying to search from the Backend Workflows page, where I continue to observe the erroneously empty search results. However, performing the same search from an actual app page seems to reliably return results (interestingly, including results from backend workflows).

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