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Searchbox API Connection Possible?

I’m trying to connect an API to a drop down Auto Complete menu.

Is this not possible or something??

What I’m after is to have an auto complete drop down occur once the User begins to type a few characters.


You can use the Search Box element for that BUT what API are you referring to?

We don’t support connecting an API to the search box yet.

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Has anything changed on this aspect yet? Any hopes for this to happen in the future so that you don’t have to save something and then call the API with the saved data?


Is there any workaround at all to this if a search box with an API data source isn’t possible yet?

Do we have any ETA at all? It seems that this function should be naturally embedded. Although I am certainly nieve to what it takes to be implemented…

API search box and being able to search 3 fields at once both get major +1’s in my book.

Well repeating group would do it with an input.

Really? Which part? API search box or 3 fields at once?

Well the API source.

Ah… You mean output the results of an API search (or 3) inside of a repeating group and have a selector inside of each cell?

Yes, basically building the UI by hand.

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Thanks sir!

Hi Justin,

I was wondering if you managed to pull it off to connect an input field with an API.