(solved) Problem with the search box (multi research)

Hello everybody

Recently I have a problem with the search box in the app I am building.

For example the app collect information about 3 types of items (A, B and C)

(In the repeating group that display the result)
I went in the data source and I wrote “search for item:filtered

And in the filter I put “Item A contains searchbox’s value”

when i do only one the search box works fine but when i add several constraints

“Item B contains searchbox’s value”
“Item C contains searchbox’s value”

Suddenly none of them are working.

I would like the search box to find the items whatever the type they are (A, B or C)


I also noticed that the search only work if you enter the entire word that characterize the Item.

Is there a way to make the search box function “letter by letter”

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There are several threads about the search, but the short answer is that it’s not possible to do letter by letter. The long answer is there are several hacky work arounds, use at your own discretion (covered in one such thread).

When you set up your constraints this way, you are telling Bubble: “Hey Bubble, show me results for this word, but only results that are Item A, Item B, AND Item C. It has to be all three, or I don’t wanna see it.” Then Bubble goes, “Sweet dude, I can do that. If your search term isn’t all three, I’ll keep it to myself.”

Then, nothing shows. You’ll want to use the “mergedwith:” controls to combine the types, rather than list them as separate constraints. Nigel has a good post on that somewhere around here.

Thanks for your answer

I will look more deeply into the forum

I founded this solution

“any field contains”

see you

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Does this work for input boxes?