Searchbox autocomplete not working with Geographic Places

I have a searchbox that is set up to autocomplete geographic places but when I go live, nothing autocompletes. This is the setup. I have the google places API enabled and have input my key.

The app is at:

Was it working before in your dev environment? It may have been a link to the site you had to input when you were setting up your api keys needs to be updated to remove the version-test from the url.

Hey @davidtmeyers,

Maybe you have to enter a data source for the geographic locations?

I got this from Support and it solved my problem (I also had to add billing to my Google Cloud Platform account):

I was able to reproduce this issue in your application and has shown in the attached screenshot, it is related to the necessary Google APIs not being activated for your keys. Here is our instructions to set up your Google API Keys, those steps are up to date with Google recent changes. And here is the Google documentation associated to the error.

Please, do reach out if you have any further questions.


I followed all steps for API Key creation in google and updated it in the app settings. Even created a new search box, but still wont pull address details when I type.

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