Searchbox - Address Autofill Stopped Working (after going live)

My searchbox for an adress, which was autofilling, was working perfectly for months.

I now went live and it stopped working. I set up the google map API before I went live, as it was required, so I’m sure it’s something wrong in the settings. Does anyone know?

@romanmg you helped me get this working to start so I’m curious how to change it now that I’m live. Thanks in advance!


Hm, could you share your editor link? Try using the debugger on the live version to see if anything reveals an issue with the Searchbox element.

Sorry, I should have included that.

I had to enable Geocoding API on google. See below. I can put an address in, then move the cursor to another input field, and the autobind finds the address.

The problem is the autocomplete won’t work anymore regardless.

Address box is located on the link above and in the picture below.

Solution: By default, when you go live and activate the Google Maps API, Places API is not enabled. Go to google developers API page where you activated account and enable the Places API.

The autofill will then work. @romanmg I got it now, sorry to waste your time.

Ah, no worries. Glad you got it sorted out!

Hi, I am having exactly the same problem. There are 2 things happing in my app 1. Get Current Location & 2. Maps Javascript Autocomplete

Everything worked perfectly UNTIL I connected to my custom domain yesterday. Both Maps & Geocode API keys are there in bubble settings. In LIVE version, the map does not even detect the current location anymore. Any suggestions please? @mgray @romanmg

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the solution is above. I wrote it out. See two messages above this. You have to play with your settings on google and it has nothing to do with bubble.


I have the same problem and your solution did not fix it unfortunately. I also verified my domain and did all the other necessary steps…

Im also on the personal plan with a custom domain.

Is there maybe another solution to this problem? Because this is a key feature of my site.


Make sure your settings in Google include the new URL (the custom domain as well as the original bubble address).

You might also watch the console (hit F12 in your browser) to see what error Google is throwing at you.


Thank you! I fixed it!

I added some restrictions to my API, which made the API stop working.

The fix for me was to just to add all paths to the website restrictions like so with the asterix:*

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