SearchBox "field to search" = user email

I have a searchbox intended to search for users by their email address.

But it seems that the “field to search” will not give you the option of searching by the email field

Why not? and is there another way to do it?


I’m not sure why it wouldn’t allow search by email. It could also be that you have database permissions that prevent this, or perhaps it’s not searchable since it’s not technically on the user table.

Anyhow, an alternative is to piece together a search field with 1) an input field 2) a repeating group to show the results, and 3) logic that shows, say, user’s in the RG who’s email contains the letters in the input field.

There’s more details about this method in other posts on the forum if you want more detail.


thats too much work for my case

Got away with using a multidropdown which DO lets you search by email, and i restricted the maximum to one.


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