Searchbox list displaying above searchbox

Hey guys, please look at the screenshot below. Using the searchbox on our Native bubble app, the searchbox will sometimes show the list of results higher than it should. The list should appear below the search box. Has anyone had this issue, either with a Native app or Desktop application?

Issue below

How it should always be below

Appreciate y’all!

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I didn’t have this problem, but a workaround would be to replace the search box in an entry with a group focus. Within the group focus, you can insert a repeating group with the result that your user types in the input element.

I hope this helps!

@scott21 or @J805 did you ever figure out a solution? I have the same searchbox problem, only on iOS. Mine is just a regular app, not native

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@greg18 :wave:

It’s a bug. Just need to do a bug report for it. :blush:

Hope it’s consistent enough to show to customer support devs.

I figured out the cause of this iOS bug:

The searchbox was placed too far at the bottom of the page, so that the searchbox results would continue beyond the page bottom, which apparently screws up iOS / Safari.

To resolve, I moved the searchbox up higher on the page

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Did anyone ever figure out how to fix this?? I am having the same issue as well. Seems to be only occurring on iOS / Safari as well.

But for me, I don’t think it is to low on the page.