Personal contacts showing in Search Box - why?

Hi everyone. I’m using a search box to search for customers (customer name field in a customer db table).

When I first start typing the matching customer names start appearing but then a smaller list appears over the top of that with a list of my matching personal contacts. This is happening only in Safari.

Has anyone any idea why this happening (obviously autocomplete) but why on this field and not on phone and email search fields, and how can I stop it to prevent the same happening for my app users?

I bringing this one up the list again. I’m experiencing this problem on a MacBook running Safari. It is really problematic. Anyone else seen this or a way to solve it?

Third time lucky I hope !!!

Does anyone know why the problem above is happening and how I can prevent it please?

First we have to know if this behaviour is browser specific. Then if there are options on bubble for this specific behaviour. If not then you’ll have to recommend users to use other browser…

Yes, as I said above it happens on Safari. It is accessing my personal contacts stored in Apple contacts and displaying over the top of the name search results so a user can’t see them or select one. It does not happen in other browsers. My concern is that app users might suffer something similar if I use a name search box.

Maybe it doesnt on app. You have to test.

When I run the app I see the two boxes as per the image above. What do you mean “Maybe it doesnt on app”?

I thought you meant the android/ios wrapped app.

The app will be web browser until at least early next year and I’ll have users load it in there browser of choice and share it to the Home screen so they get an icon then they can use it without browser bars, close to a wrapper app. But I suspect you are right, when wrapped it probably would not happen.

It could be Safari suggesting answers for an input field (so that’s the 2nd shorter list of results). I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people mention solutions for that in the forum but I don’t the solution off hand. Best of luck!

Thanks @sridharan.s you are correct it is Safari doing it but why bubble’s search box should be matching to an autocomplete field I don’t understand. I found people suggesting bits of code but none worked and even if they had then I could upset users because I’ve turned AutoComplete off in their browser. I think I’m just going to go with an input and fake the dropdown with an RG.

Not a big problem,
clear browser cache and cookies then restart your system, they will show you next time.

Did anyone ever got a solution for this?

Not that I ever heard @carlo.f - I gave up on it.