Searchbox show all items

am kind of stuck
am doing a crimerecord for a cad
and i have it like this

when i use the searchbox to find “personnummer” i want all the items in the database to show all the items with that “personnummer”

but the RG only shows one even when it is the same number on 2 of them
so i wonder how can i make it so it shows all of them with the same number after i do a search for it

Hi, happy to help.
Could you please do some screens of what you are using for the search query. I assume "
Do a search" for with which parameters exactly?

i think this is the one you wanted

Ok so you are using a searchbox and a repeating group.

When you are typing in a number in the searchbox, only one value shows just beneath the searchbox? Or in the repeating group?

Or another question:
Do you want your repeating group to update when you change your search?

in the searchbox both with the same numbers shows when i type some of it in, the RG only shows one of them

it allready updates if i change the numbers in the searchbox

In the “do a search for” in the RG do you have any conditions in there?

Normally the searchbox is used to see a preview and select just one value not a list.

Hence I would not use a searchbox but an input.
This input I would use as the searchfield for the repeating group.
On the repeating group, I would add a conditional. If searchfield of input is not empty, search for only users (in your case brottsregisters) that fit the condition below:

hope this helps you

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okey i will try that and will send a replay if i could make it work

This is how i did it and when i put in the number is shows all of them and not only 2 that have the number i put in

hmm it works for me.
If you go to your app settings then general and then the dropdown at the top change it so everyone can view and send me the link here or on pm I can have a look or we can go on a quick skype call.

i got it to work at last , but i wonder one thing can i get the suggestion like in the searchbox ?

Ok glad that it works for you.
Try the search autocorrect plugin.
Install it underneath plugins.
Drag it onto the editor. Do not have it too close to other objects as it is invisible but can move them.

This the setup I use when searching for usernames.

2020-04-15 22_45_20-Backends _ Bubble Editor

can’t get it to work for some reason

Annotation 2020-04-16 083330

found the problem i don’t have the id on my input and have no clue how to get it show it

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